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Spenker Winery


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The vineyard is our home and livelihood. But we share it with a host of others. The vineyard is home to a variety of wildlife animals and insects. 

Among the most notable are the birds that live here. Throughout the year redtail hawks, blue herons, egrets, and barn owls as well as many species of smaller birds can be spotted flying above the vines or feasting on rodents and insects among them. 

Sustainable agriculture strives to maintain diverse and healthy wildlife populations that are compatible with and can even enhance farming operations. All our farming practices take into account soil conditions, water management, and pesticide impact. Our decisions are made based on what is best for the land, the wildlife, and the consumer. We believe responsible farming is crucial to a healthy, stable, and bright future.

We want to show the value of sustainable agriculture to our neighbors, consumers, and community. 
Our belief is that good stewardship of the land best demonstrates our respect for the environment and for the community around us, and creates the finest quality wines.


Students taking Sustainable Agriculture classes came out to help plant a hedgerow along our property.

We selected plants that are native to California, particularly the Lodi area. These plants are drought tolerant and are home to beneficial insects and birds.

A hedgerow is a beneficial addition to the vineyard for several reasons. 

Beneficial insects
Dust & traffic control
Noxious weed prevention
Pest control
Wildlife habitat
Beautification of the property
Native plant restoration


Our winery is powered using solar energy.