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Spenker Winery


Dairy Goats


Each goat at Spenker Family Farm has a name. We love them all and their silly personalities. There are several different breeds here on the farm, each selected for their great milk characteristics. Because great milk, is the first ingredient in fabulous cheese!

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Every spring baby goats are born (between February and April.) Much as we'd love to, we can't keep them all. We sell them as pets and future dairy goats.

Kids are weaned and ready to go typically at 8 weeks old. They have their first CD&T vaccination, and are disbudded. We sell both "Doe kids" (females) and "Wethers" (neutered males). Because they all get a chance to participate in our "Goat Yoga" and "Goodnight Goat" events, they are quite well socialized and friendly.

Bottle babies also available in the spring. Contact Sarah to reserve.

Occasionally we will also have dry does, yearlings, or milkers for sale as well.

Call us if you have questions!

If you are interested in adding some of our kids to your herd please contact or call (209) 367-0467.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Our very first goats "Shirley" and "SweetPea" were Nigerian Dwarfs. They are fun and spunky with the most amazing creamy milk. 

Lamanchas & Mini-Lamanchas

While people often judge them by their apparent "lack" of ears (they are just naturally very short!) these goats quickly became one of our favorite breeds. They have lots of tasty milk and are typically easy to handle and love to be with their people. 

Mini-Lamanchas are a cross between Lamanchas and Nigerian Dwarfs.


These lovely goats are cute as can be! They are a good mid-size dairy breed with sweet milk. They are typcially quite social.